Caregivers Give Companionship that Motivates You to Find the Zest for Life

by internet on June 22, 2011


Caregivers from Specialized Adult Care were recommended to Mrs. Smith whom as a result, progressed tremendously and rediscovered her zest for life.

Mrs. Ilene Smith was referred to the caregivers of Specialized Adult Care, last April. She is an 86 year-old widow who suffers from early stages of dementia, as well as arthritis. Ms. Ilene rarely left her bed, better yet, her apartment.

By caregivers from Specialized Adult Care providing daily social interaction, Ms. Ilene began to laugh and was excited to see me walk through her door. Before I knew it, I no longer had to go to her bedroom to talk to her. She would meet me every morning at her front door with a huge smile on her face.

Caregivers provided assistance with daily grooming as well as weekly beauty appointments, daily medication reminders, helped her prepare daily meals and snacks, performed light housekeeping duties, and transported and escorted her to personal appointments.

Throughout the six-month caregiver relationship, Ms. Ilene has progressed far beyond anyone’s expectations.  Ms. Ilene has rediscovered her love of knitting, walking, and shopping that keep her active and social.

Nowadays, many elderly stay on their own. At such times, even if one of them falls ill, it becomes difficult for others to take care of him or her. Not only in this case, but in general also if any family member falls sick and needs extensive medical care, the family members cannot manage this task and that is when a caregiver is hired. The caregiver will stay at your home or stay with the patient for some specific hours, as required.  Specialized Adult Care has excellent caregivers that give the love and attention to the elderly and adult in need of caregivers.


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